The Football,etc. UK tour starts soon!

Football etc UK 2015

The football, etc. UK tour starts soon! Check out the dates and be sure to catch them if you can!

All dates:

11 July // Glasgow, UK // Audio

12 July // Manchester, UK // CCHRQ Garden (matinee)

12 July // Nottingham, UK // JT Soar

13 July // Bristol, UK // Roll For The Soul

14 July // Brighton, UK // The Hope

15 July // Paris, France // La Mécanique Ondulatoire

16 July // Milan, Italy // Lo-Fi

17 July // Turin, Italy // Magazzino sul Po

18 July // Darmstadt, Germany // Oetinger Villa

19 July // Dendermonde, Belgium // JH Zenith

20 July // London, UK // The Black Heart

CYLS #4 feat. Dowsing, The Cardboard Swords, Long Knives, and Sinai Vessel is out today!

CYLS Split #4 Cover

Today is the official release day for the new CYLS 4-Way Split featuringDowsing, The Cardboard Swords, Long Knives, and Sinai Vessel. For some reason, it isn’t appearing up om iTunes yet, but you can check it out everywhere else!

All pre-orders have been shipped (unless it had the empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) repress).

Buy it!

Long Knives tour starts tomorrow!

Long Knives- This is Your Life 2015 Tour

The Long Knives tour starts tomorrow! Get out if you can!

6/25- Los Angeles w/ ToyGuitar, the Allbrights, & No Better

6/26-San Diego w/ Adult Films, Little Heroine & Finnegan

6/27-Tijuana w/ Western Settings, Shinjoku Riot & No Talent

6/28-Santa Ana w/ Colossal Wrecks, Karoshi Boy, Fugue & Pinned in Place

6/29- Fresno C.A.F.E Infoshop w/Meet Me in Montauk and Patterns and Plans

6/30-Reno w/ Skinwalkers, Video World & Milgram

Welcome Mimisiku to the family!

Mimisiku Social

We are very happy to announce the signing of our newest band, Mimisiku!

If the term “Mimi Siku” isn’t familiar with you, it must have been a while since you’ve watched the classic Tim Allen movie Jungle 2 Jungle. We forgive you- it slipped by us too, but any excuse to revisit a Tim Allen performance is a good excuse. Or you could Google it and find out it stands for “cat piss”. Which has absolutely nothing to do with how fantastic this band is, but is certainly a good conversation piece. Bring it up at your next dinner party! As for the band itself (containing both members of Two Knights), it hails from Denton, TX and play a style that mixes punk ala The Promise Ring, The Get Up Kids, and Texas is the Reason with biting vocals and a little more pop, and makes for a charming combination that will continually tempt you to forget about other bands for a while. And, in case you were wondering, the band is better than the movie- which is saying a lot because that movie is a damn masterpiece.

We will be releasing a new LP this summer/fall. And it’s good. It’s really good. Get pumped, people.