Mailing list plus two acoustic Dowsing videos

Ok, we have been meaning to do this for a very long time, and we finally got around to it.  If you look on the menu on the right, you will see a brand new lil’ guy that gives you the option of signing up for our mailing list!  Do it!  You will get updates regarding new releases, news, anything news worthy, but not toooo many letters.  Or you can go to this page to sign up:  IF YOU EVER ENTERED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS VIA OUR BANDCAMP, YOU ARE PROBABLY ALREADY ON THIS LIST.  Try and sign up though, and it will tell you if you are already a member.

Just for being a member on this list, you have a chance to win free stuff.  Every month we will select one lucky person to win a free release or prize!  To kick things off, the first month’s prize is a doozy- it’s a CYLS SXSW hand-screened poster SIGNED BY EVERY BAND MEMBER WHO PLAYED THE SHOW!  From Bob Nanna to Chris Simpson to all the dudes in Parker, they are all there!  So get crackin’ and sign up!

In the meantime, watch these two very cool videos that Erik from Dowsing recorded with Wild Method Workshop: