CYLS Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us again! This time, it’s big. Realllll big. We are offering 20% off everything in our webstore. Just enter “ALLMINE” at checkout!

And what’s even better than 20% off? FREE! For this weekend only, we are offering EVERYTHING for free download at our bandcamp. Go nuts. Go beyond nuts. We hope this makes up for how long that damn empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) pre-order took, haha.

Sale starts at midnight tonight EST and goes on until Monday at midnight EST.

Preview/plan your attack here:



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A slew of Dowsing news!

Pumped to bring you a slew of Dowsing news!

1) We have repressed both “All I Could Find Was You” AND “It’s Still Pretty Terrible”. The best news? THEY ARE IN STOCK RIGHT NOW AND READY TO SHIP!

Get them here, along with a bunch of other Dowsing merch:

2) You can grab ALL OF THEIR CYLS DISCOGRAPHY (which is nearly everything they have done) digitally at Soundsupply now for a very low price. On top of that, grab a Dowsing bundle of vinyl or CD too! Complete your collection today!

3) All of you Europeans still have some chances to see Dowsing live. Here are the remaining dates:

24.11 – Duisburg, Germany
25.11 – Aachen, Germany
26.11 – Cologne, Germany
27.11 – Dendermonde, Belgium
28.11 – Bristol, UK
29.11 – London, UK
30.11 – Manchester, UK
01.11 – Glasgow, UK
02.12 – Nottingham, UK
03.12 – Leeds, UK
04.12 – Birmingham, UK
05.12 – Portsmouth, UK
06.12 – Paris, France
07.12 – Bordeaux, France
09.12 – Madrid, Spain
10.12 – Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain
11.12 – Marseille, France
12.12 – Milan, Italy
13.12 – Turin, Italy
14.12 – Modena, Italy
15.12 – Darmstadt, Germany
16.12 – Dresden, Germany

More details on the tour event page

Calculator call it quits, issue statement.

Well, the cat is out of the bag. Very sad to say that calculator. is calling it quits. We are so happy that we had a chance to work with them and put out two incredible releases with them. Pick up their final records here and stream a new song at BrooklynVegan. Please be sure to go to their last shows if you can!



Here is the statement from the band:

“Chris, Nik, Ramez, Chris, and I started playing music together as Calculator in late 2007. To be exact, our first practice with all 5 of us was Halloween day of that year (10/31/07). The oldest of us at the time was 16, and the youngest 15. 7 years later, we are well into our 20s. As all of you know, a lot of shit changes in the time period of 7 years…. and especially the period of time transitioning from childhood to adulthood. For all 5 of us, Calculator was our crutch and our means for dealing with that. The shittiest and most of all, the most fun part of life for any American youth. We are all thankful for each other for all that we’ve experienced and had.

As a band we wrote and released 2 E.P’s, 2 splits, one compiled 12″ of all of our early recordings, and one full length 12″ LP, This Will Come to Pass. We went on 2 full U.S tours, one East Coast tour, a West Coast Tour, numerous Los Angeles and Bay Area trips, and one tour through Japan. We are thankful for everyone who helped us achieve this… It’s really crazy when you think about it.

All of our progress and commitment to the band was managed in spite of the huge individual plans, goals, and desires each of us have for our lives. Playing together and working on music under the name Calculator was hard and trying, but incredibly awesome in the end. Well worth the result. We loved each other, and almost as importantly, we loved playing music with each other that much. However, the time has come where we just can’t manage to hold together those fragments of our own lives in the form of Calculator. Things are getting more and more complicated, to the point where we feel we can’t do Calculator as an entity enough justice it deserves. None of us are quitting music or anything like that… you just won’t see us as Calculator for too much longer.

We are going to play two more shows on Jan 2nd and 3rd, and we do have a final E.P called CALC coming out on Count Your Lucky Stars Records. You can stream the record below and please be sure to order the record directly from CYLS… and also pick up a copy of This Will Come Pass from them. The body of work released on CYLS really summed up everything we sought to do with Calculator both aesthetically and sonically.

The details of the last two shows:
- Jan 2nd at 1234go! in Oakland, CA
with Leer, Lil Dowager, and Renais
- Jan 3rd at Bridgetown DIY in the LA area
with La Bella, Ten Thousand Leagues, 1 More TBA

Links for CALC:

Thanks everyone. It has been killer.


Pre-Order the new Perfect Future! Listen to a song now at!

PF- Manifesto cover

Excited to drop a big announcement today! The new Perfect Future LP, “Manifesto” is now up for pre-order. What’s more, you can listen to the first single “Our Best Years” over at right now! When you love it, go grab it at our webstore. Those of you in the UK, grab this co-release from strictly no capital letters.

Also, peep this track listing:

1. Preamble
2. A Call to Arms
3. Among Ash Heaps and Millionaires
4. Only Life is Holy (Part I)
5. Our Best Years
6. Only Life is Holy (Part II)
7. Whole World Wasteland
8. Babylon Lies as Babylon Thrives
9. Unexamined Lives
10. Perfect Future