Update on the Empire! Empire! Graphic Novel

BIG UPDATE ON THE GRAPHIC NOVEL: First of all, let us apologize about the long wait for the empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) ”Ribbon”. We certainly never expected to run into so many delays and we know you have all been patiently waiting. WE HAVE THE BEST NEWS- WE HAVE A SHIPPING DATE FINALLY!

The printing plant making them has let us know that they will be finished and shipping to us the week of the 13th for the paperback and the 27th for the hardcover. That’s just a little over a week! As soon as they get to us, we will start shipping them out to you. Keep in mind that it will still take time for them to ship the novels to us before we can ship them to you.

TL;DR: “Ribbon” finishes production from the plant and will be shipped to us the week of the 13th and 27th. They will ship to us and we will ship them to you ASAP.

New Kittyhawk song and fall tour news!

THIS JUST IN: Stream a brand new Kittyhawk song, “Vaudeville”, over at Stereogum! CHECK IT OUT!! http://www.stereogum.com/1709061/kittyhawk-vaudeville-stereogum-premiere/mp3s/

Don’t forget to pre-order “Hello Again” from the CYLS web store!

Also, Kittyhawk hits the road for fall tour starting this Friday at the Flint Local 432 in Flint, MI with Into It. Over It.. and Foxing! Get your tickets today!

CYLS 084 Kittyhawk- Hello, Again

Hightide Hotel album release

Huzzah! You can now order Hightide Hotel‘s “Naturally” from the CYLS web store as well as Itunes and Amazon!

We’re super excited to release this final album and for you all to hear it. Speaking of which, you can now stream “Naturally” on Spotify and Soundcloud
(coming to bandcamp soon)

In addition, check out this new review of “Naturally” from Funeral Sounds! Thanks for the write-up!

“Naturally is exactly what you’d expect out of a Hightide Hotel record: honest, personal, musically solid, and overall, memorable. Definitely worth the wait.”


Order Status Updates

Ok, here is a big update on the status of your orders. The dust is still settling from our massive move and that has caused some significant delays for a lot of things in a lot of ways. Here is what is happening with your orders/pre-orders:

- If you have an order and everything is in stock, but it is taking longer to get to you than usual, please know we are working hard to get that to you ASAP.Moving majorly put a wrench in our normal delivery time and we are finally starting to catch back up to normal speed.

- If you ordered a Free Throw LP, if it has not already been shipped out, that should be on it’s way next week. If you ordered the CD or a shirt, those should come in next week and be on there way ASAP. The download code comes with the physical record.

- If you ordered the Mikey Erg/Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers, if it has not already shipped out, that should also be on it’s way next week.

- If you ordered an empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) Picnic shirt, Monster Shirt, or Chrono Trigger shirt, those are now in and shipping if the rest of the order can be fulfilled. The “You Will Eventually Be Forgotten “CDs are in and the second press for the LP is still on time and scheduled for early October.

- IF YOU HAVE ORDERED AN EMPIRE! EMPIRE! GRAPHIC NOVEL: This obviously is taking a lot longer than anticipated, and we are very sorry for that. We have run into a lot of unexpected problems and we would have never have thought these would take so long to get to us. But rest assured that this delay is for good reason and that, in the end, you are going to get the best product we could put out there and will be well worth the wait. We are anticipating these to be sent to us and out to you in approximately 2-3 weeks, which we know is not what everyone wants to hear. Our hands are tied and we just have to wait at this point. We will keep you updated and as new information comes in, we will pass that to you. In the meantime, if you have not gotten your download from your pre-order, please email us at cylsrecords@gmail.com. Again, sorry for the delay. We want this as much as you do.

Sorry for the troubles and as always, thanks for all your orders and all your support.


Stream a new Hightide Hotel song at Absolute Punk!

Check out a brand new song from Hightide Hotel called “Vertigo Chamber”. It’s officially streaming over at AbsolutePunk.net RIGHT NOW!


Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Hightide Hotel’s final album, “Naturally” from our web store: