Stream the debut EP from Long Knives at Modern Vinyl

Long Knives Promo Picture

You can now stream the entire Long Knives debut EP “This is Your Life” at Modern Vinyl! Catchy and driving songs emo/punk with male/female call-and-answer vocals. The start of something so good.

For fans of: The Forecast, Rainer Maria, Saves The Day…/exclusive-spin-long-knives-this-…/

Order the EP:

Long Knives “This is Your Life”, available physical/digital on 4/7.

The Great Albatross video for “Righteous Man” at New Noise Magazine

Watch the incredible The Great Albatross video over at New Noise Magazine for “Righteous Man”, which can be found on the “Roots” EP. It’s a beautiful and heartfelt song, with a stunning video to match.…/

For fans of: Pedro the Lion, David Bazan, Broken Social Scene, matt pond PA

We signed a band and they rule!

Long Knives Promo Picture

So excited to welcome Long Knives to the family! Long Knives are a four-piece band, hailing from Oakland, CA. They write catchy indie/emo/pop, with strong female and male call and response vocals and driving music that doesn’t let up. Think bands like Hot Rod Circuit, Rainer Maria, and The Get Up Kids

You can hear a song from their debut EP “This is Your Life” at right now:

Then you can pre-order the 7″, along with a super cool shirt, at our webstore:

Expect their full length later this year, as well as a bunch of cool things to come.