50th Release Count Your Lucky Stars EXTRAVAGANZA!

We have been waiting and planning this day for what seems like years now, and the time is finally here!  It’s hard to believe we have been a label for 7 years, and we never expected we would even put out 15 records, let alone 50+ (Technically, we are probably closer to 60 already).  But here we are today, celebrating our 50th release- When the Sea Became a Giant by Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate); a milestone if there ever was one.  This was always labeled as CYLS 000, as it was actually self-released and predated the founding of our label, so we’ve been waiting to properly release this under CYLS for some time.  The entire album was remixed and remastered and an unreleased bonus track from the same era has been added for it’s very first vinyl release!  This is also going to be one of the coolest-looking records we’ve done, as 350 of the 500 were pressed on a tr-color 10″ (the other 150 are on black, for all you audiophiles).

But that’s not all!  We’re celebrating new releases every day of the week!  We will kick it off by launching pre-orders on Monday for 5 new records.  Each day of the week, Monday-Friday, we will be streaming a new record at a different site.  Here is what the schedule looks like:

Monday: Football, etc./Plaids split 7″- streaming at Property of Zack (co-release with strictly no capital letters)

Tuesday: Perfect Future Irrational, Malleable, Inevitable 7″- streaming at Punknews.org

(co-release with Not Only One Side, Man of 1000 Masks, Sea of Tranquility)

Wednesday: Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers Every Letter and Souvenir 7″- streaming at Absolutepunk.net

Thursday: Texas Instruments Neither Here Nor Thayer– streaming at Revolver (co-release with Texas Is Funny Records)

Friday: Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) When then Sea Became a Giant [Remixed/Remastered] 10″ vinyl release- streaming at Alternative Press.

WE’RE HAVING A SALE TO CELEBRATE!  All week, Monday-Friday, we will also be having a sale on all CYLS releases and goods (including the CYLS shirts), but will NOT include the new pre-orders or distro/sale items.  Just put in “ANNIVERSARY” at check-out for 20% off!

THAT’S NOT EVEN ALL!  We will also be setting up a special account on eBay to sell test pressings and some rare out-of-print variants of some of your favorite records!  Almost every record we have ever done will be up, including Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)‘s What It Takes to Move Forward.  We will post the listings on Monday (our username is cylsrecords).  This is your shot to get some of the rarest of rare records!

AND NOW FOR THE GRAND FINALE:  You are all amazing fans and we feel so lucky for your support and to that we get to work with such an amazing roster of bands that we want to give back to you.  So we are going to give you guys a chance to download OUR ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY FOR A WEEK FOR FREE/PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT.  Unlimited downloads, no first come/first serve.  Here how this is going to work.  On Monday, we will post a status on our Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram for you to like/share.  For every 100 shares we get, 10 releases are going to be up for FREE download for a week.  The first 10 releases will be CYLS 001-CYLS 010.  For each 100 additional shares of said status, you unlock 10 more releases.  If we reach 500, ALL 50+ RELEASES WILL BE FOR FREE.  This will include the releases past 50 we have already put out as well.  If we reach 750, we will even put up all 5 of the records on pre-order for free!  You have a week to accomplish this, all free downloads will start the following Monday the 12th for a week.  We will also be giving a free CYLS shirt away for each medium, so make sure you like/follow us on that medium or you won’t be eligible to win! 

Phew, that’s a lot to get through but thanks for reading it all!  We can’t wait for Monday.  Thanks for being here with us all these years!